A studentlife

of a girl from Germany

[Since the Information and Happenings on this site could be useful for everybody out there, I will try to write in English. Sorry for any mistakes, since my English is far from perfect. Hope you enjoy and find some helpful Information here. ]

Our Arrival

It is the 3rd of September 2015 and we just arrived on the airplane, put our stuff away and took our seats.



After 翻来覆去 (rolling around) for a while we couldn't sleep and all just watched movies. We originally thought, that we would have two hours to spent in Abu Dhabi, to catch our second flight, but somehow we ended up running from one end of the airport to other one and we were the last ones to board. After over ten hours flight we finally arrived in China. 



As we expected, people in China really take their time while working. They just have a total differnt working manner, than people in Germany. They took forever to check our passports and let us pass. It's not that they really checked it thouroughly, more that they just took their time and work really slow. Even when typing on the Computer. Typing in one character would take up 30 seconds. After an hour check-up we finally passed and went to take our luggage. Since we knew, that our friends parents were waiting for us we had to hurry, because we didn't want to make them wait too long. They were really nice and even brought her uncle, so he can take some of our luggages, too. They rented a small bus and brought us to our Hotel (Hanting Express) near Jiao Tong University. They helped us check-in and let us rest in the rooms for about two hours to shower and get dressed. Afterwards we were going to meet for dinner.


[By the way no worrys about the power sockets if you are from Germany. Your plugs would suit in anywhere]


When we arrived in the hotel we immediately put our stuff aside and went to take a shower after the long flight. It felt so nice, after sitting around in that tiny seat. Then we layed down on the bed to rest and got ready to go out.


Our friends dad came by with his car to pick us up and drov us to the Restaurants location. It was in the city centre of Shanghai also called Xujiahui (徐家汇), which is part of the district of 徐汇 known for being a little pricy compared to other parts of Shanghai or whole China. For us foreigners the price were still cheap, but for chinese people it was kind of expensive. The meal was fantastic. The food tasted very good and they even made it look pretty. When we arrived we saw a very long line of people waiting to get in, because if u didn't make a reservation, u have to wait outside until there is a table available and the people had to wait so long, that they usually have chairs outside.



After having the meal we planned on walking around Xujiahui, because there were a lot of big malls and nice shops, but the parents were scared that we would get lost, so her dad made us go home first. He brought us home by car. The next day we walked to Xujiahui on our own to look around.

Our first days in Shanghai

The next few days we still had to spend in the Hotel, because we can only move into our dorms on the 6th of September. We woke up at 9am to leave for breakfast and explore the beautiful city of Shanghai. The first thing we discovered in Shanghai was Starbucks! Yes, they have Starbucks, not just one or two, but a whole lot of them everywhere! We couldn't resist and went in for a coffee and sat down to enjoy the nice view of the skyscrapers around the city centre.


After finishing our drinks we went on to explore the malls and stores. It's unbelievable how many malls Shanghai has. Just in the Centre of Xuhui there are already 4 big ones right next to each other.

Our first Visit to Ikea

Since we had to buy some stuff for our rooms we paid a visit to Ikea. We looked it up on the internet and found out, that there is one at the metro station: Shanghai Indoor Stadium. You can go there using Metro Line 1 or 4. After shopping for hours we came back with quite a few things.


We thought that it wasn't that far when we got out at the metro station: Hongqiao road. So we decided to walk back all the way to our university. this would be two metro stops, that are quite a far way to walk, especially when we have so many things to carry. Crazy friends, is the only thing I can say.



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